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The world’s
worldliest approach
to brand naming

A cross-cultural approach to brand-name development,
developed by a global network of naming experts

We Are Naming is an international network of unstoppable namers. Made up of brand-language experts from 11 countries (and growing all the time), we develop, analyze, and bring to life brand names that can travel the world, or simply speak to people who speak different languages — right where you are.

Whether you’re building a local business or developing a globe-spanning brand, we have the process, creativity, and experience to make sure your name says the right things to the right people.

Meet the We Are Naming Team

Get a name that matches your market

We combine a flexible approach with all the factors that make a naming project successful.

Proven processes

We make sure we understand your business, your market, and your ambitions—as well as how you’d like your audiences to talk about you when you’re not in the room. Every project begins with a solid foundation from which we can build a brief, tailor our conflict screening, and bring the best-possible name candidates to life.

Expert collaborators

We work together all the time. We all have more than 10 years of experience naming. Most of us? Closer to 20. We meet as a large group every other week to discuss trends, inspiration, and bigger collaborations. And we team up on an ongoing basis—so that each step of the way, your project gets the right international perspective for its target audiences and markets.




You’re paired with a We Are Naming partner based on the cultures and/or countries you’re looking to reach. We do a deep dive to understand your business needs and vision, develop a brief to meet it, generate hundreds (and often thousands) of names, evaluate the best ones for conflicts, and present a shortlist of names that both match your goals and respect your audiences. Your names are both developed and evaluated by expert, in-country namers who live and breathe naming, every day. 

Linguistic and
cultural insights

Using tried-and-true evaluation criteria, the full network provides nuanced cultural meaning behind names you’re considering (along with any similarities to existing brands and pronunciation considerations)—so you know what your name really means. 

Even a “local” name is never just local 

Neighborhoods diversify. People travel. Language apps have made learning a new language as easy and addictive as Candy Crush. Even a local niche product could outgrow its home market and get exported around the world.

Our services are designed to face the realities of an increasingly connected world—by connecting with us as a global team, every step of the way. So you can be sure you’re naming wisely—and avoiding the easy-to-fall-into traps of naming without global experts on your side.

What we’ve named

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